Jämsä Round Two!

Hello friends! Today was an adventure, and actually comes in two parts! First, MOOSE MANOR (!!!) and second, meeting a local who has spent time at my home university. Part One When I first arrived in Finland, there was only a couple things I wanted to do. One of them was to visit this really … Continue reading Jämsä Round Two!

One Month in Jyväskylä!

Wow!!! Today marks a month since I set out on this journey. It's crazy to think that a month ago at this time I was sitting in an airport in Chicago just waiting for time to pass. Actually, that's not true. Time zones ignored, I had only just woken up to load up the truck … Continue reading One Month in Jyväskylä!


I am going to bed tonight and I'm so mind blown by what the world I live in. Like this is me right now: Let me tell you a story. In fifth grade, I made friends with this super weird guy who for some reason, decided to talk to the lonely girl on the playground. … Continue reading Humans.