Finnish Education: an Insider Perspective

This week, I am spending my mornings following around a Finnish sixth grade class to see what school looks like from a student's perspective. I've made a few super interesting observations in that time. Class "buddies". At the end of the day today, a third grade class came to play a programming board game with … Continue reading Finnish Education: an Insider Perspective

#SDG4 – Global Education

SDG: Sustainable Development Goals. Have you heard about them? Until this month, I thought I never had. It turns out that John and Hank Green (my favorite author and his brother) had made youtube videos about them back when the Millennium Development Goals reached their 2015 benchmark. The videos are right after this sentence! Millennium … Continue reading #SDG4 – Global Education

PSA: American Education Doesn’t Suck

Background: When I started this whole business about moving to Finland for a semester, it was about figuring out what Finns are up to that makes their schools so darn successful. Why does a system full of free time and decidedly lacking in rigor (by means of exams anyways) work so well? Well, obviously, I … Continue reading PSA: American Education Doesn’t Suck

One Month in Jyväskylä!

Wow!!! Today marks a month since I set out on this journey. It's crazy to think that a month ago at this time I was sitting in an airport in Chicago just waiting for time to pass. Actually, that's not true. Time zones ignored, I had only just woken up to load up the truck … Continue reading One Month in Jyväskylä!

Feels like Home

This week is only half over and it has been so darn amazing. I'm finally getting into the flow of my classes, I've discovered some beautiful hidden spaces on campus - as well as found my bearings and oriented myself as to where all the buildings are in relationship to the others, and I've spent … Continue reading Feels like Home