Turkey Day, A World Lost in Time, and Singing Too Loud

I've spent the last week and a day having quite the adventure! Now I'm finally sitting still, waiting for my water to boil so I can drink some tea, and reflecting on just how amazing it's been. It's really hard to believe I only have a week and a half left in Jyväskylä and a … Continue reading Turkey Day, A World Lost in Time, and Singing Too Loud

Living Local

The last couple days have been very Finnish. I know that might seem like a bit of a "duh...?" type statement, but here's the thing. As I've written about in the past, studying abroad has been about learning about and meeting people from all over the world. So the fact that I've done so many … Continue reading Living Local

Weekend Adventuring

Finally made it out of Jyväskylä! I love, love, love my little city in keski-suomi (Central Finland) but after spending a month in the same place, it was time to do a little exploring. So I went on a trip with a couple girl friends to Lahti for a Finnish Folk Metal concert. While we were … Continue reading Weekend Adventuring

How long has it been?

I can't believe it's almost been a month. In fact, in just 8 days I will have survived my whole first month living in Jyväskylä. It's been amazing. And it's only going to get better, I can feel it. This last week has been such an adventure! Saturday, I went to Laajis Adventure Park, Sunday … Continue reading How long has it been?


Today I adulted. It was a good time. In case you're curious, the term "adult (v.)" was added to the Merrium-Webster dictionary this month. Here's the link. Anyways. Today I put my signature on important documents, I learned important decision making skills about what to do when you're offered a job that conflicts with other jobs, … Continue reading Adulting