Emotional Roller Coaster

They say there is a psychological process to the experience of studying abroad. It looks like this: Being me, I hoped to surpass most of these and just stick in the honeymoon/adjustment phases. But alas... Kalliope is human so that didn't happen. The thing is, this graph doesn't show it exactly as it is - … Continue reading Emotional Roller Coaster

Midpoint Reflection – Some Lists

WHOLEY PICKLE STICKS I HAVE BEEN IN FINLAND OFFICIALLY HALF THE AMOUNT OF TIME I WILL BE IN FINLAND! (Actually, that's not true, I still have three days until then, but I'm writing about it now because I am impatient.) There are a few things to mark this momentous occasion: On this day in history, … Continue reading Midpoint Reflection – Some Lists

Sometimes there are hard days

Today, I have a sad story to tell. Being away from home is really hard. And in this world where information travels faster than people can even figure out the truth, it's even harder than it would have been if I made this journey 30 years ago. Since I left, I have loved being here. … Continue reading Sometimes there are hard days

Autumn is coming!

Today, on the bike ride to the school, there were orange leaves on the sidewalks. I'm so excited. Fall is my favorite time of year because I love sweater weather, the rosy cheeks, a warm drink in my hand, the accompanying fantasy novel, and above it all, the changing colors. I am so blessed to … Continue reading Autumn is coming!


I am going to bed tonight and I'm so mind blown by what the world I live in. Like this is me right now: Let me tell you a story. In fifth grade, I made friends with this super weird guy who for some reason, decided to talk to the lonely girl on the playground. … Continue reading Humans.

Time Travel

So. I am in Finland! It feels like Kansas October and the sky is beautifully blue and the countryside reminds me of home. I can't believe I'm here. It's been such an emotional weekend. Exactly 25 hours ago I was waking up to load the truck and head to the airport. And now I'm just … Continue reading Time Travel

6 Days to go – My last week in Kansas

Oh my goodness it's so close I can taste it. There's so many emotions. So much to do. Sadness: The hardest thing about leaving the country to go on an adventure is leaving behind the things that mean the most to you - the people. I am leaving behind my family, my friends, my boyfriend, … Continue reading 6 Days to go – My last week in Kansas


Sooooooo this happened a long time ago, but yeah. July was a crazy month okay? I went to New England for the week of Independence Day, I worked a week of camp, then I spent a week in Disney Springs, Florida for KKPsiTBS NatCon 2017, then I had my last week of camp. And then … Continue reading I’M A FINNISH RESIDENT!

Wow! What a week! – a reflection

I know it's been a while since I've posted anything, but let's just say I've been running full sprint since spring break so now I'm finally in a place where I can share. This week was finals week at my college. Glad that's over! My GPA isn't quite where I'd like it to be but … Continue reading Wow! What a week! – a reflection

Silver Linings

I'll admit, in our social network world, people like to make their lives seem perfect. Blogs are full of perfect moms and perfect cooks and perfect travelers, Instagram isĀ full of perfectly shaped, perfectly put together adventurers and trendsetters, YouTubers share videos of their world in all of its perfect excitement. But that's just not the … Continue reading Silver Linings