Weekend Adventuring

Finally made it out of Jyväskylä! I love, love, love my little city in keski-suomi (Central Finland) but after spending a month in the same place, it was time to do a little exploring. So I went on a trip with a couple girl friends to Lahti for a Finnish Folk Metal concert. While we were there, we went to a museum and learned about the city’s history and we also found some pretty special gems. Lahti, Finland is a special place. And I’ll show you why:

It started with waking up late. Ah! Our bus was scheduled to leave at 6:30, and I woke up at 6:10 to a call asking me where I was because it was time to head to the bus station (insert poop emojis). For a moment I considered rolling back over. But then I thought about how much anticipation I had built up for the weekend (and money I’d already committed to it), so I bought a new bus ticket out and got ready to go.

Views from my bus window (hence the blur)

I still can’t get over how beautiful the Finnish countryside is. The lakes are everywhere and they are so glassy. Gah.

Anyways, I finally arrived at the city and headed to meet up with the rest of our crew for the weekend. One the way, I got a little distracted enjoying the city. The sites were so pretty and I almost got sidetracked by a music shop with ukuleles in the window (but I willed myself to keep walking – I was already late and had people to meet!)

Lahti smaller than Jyväskylä but it’s history is so interesting! The city started out as a little farming village and it grew when the railroad passed by (hmmm… sounds like a budding Kansas City). Eventually the city was burned to the ground (everything was built out of wood so you can imagine how that happened) and a couple kids got hit with the blame. The city has been rebuilt and now there’s excavations to rediscover what Lahti used to be all over the city. It was really cool to be in the museum and see photos of the same places throughout time.

Not only did we learn about the city’s origins and it’s fire, but also it’s school. They also have a really interesting music culture so we definitely came to the right city for our concert! Lahti is the home of Sibeliustalo  (Sibelius Hall), named after the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius (of Finlandia and other orchestra pieces – for more information click here). The concert we attended was definitely not an orchestra, but it was in the concert hall nonetheless and it made my geeky insides pretty happy =D

The concert itself was extremely loud! The band (Korpiklaani) is a rebirthed Finnish folk metal band and let me tell ya, they put on a fun show! These guys were pretty intense. If you don’t know them, imagine LOTR dwarves in dread locks mixed with KISS without the face paint. Also, I never would have considered putting together a violin and an accordion, but the two sounds fit together like a Wendy’s frosty and french fries. Just trust me. Or listen to their music.

Eventually, the night was over, so we headed to our AirBnb and crashed for the night until it was time to head home. It was such an interesting adventure! Full of lovely people and authentic Finnish experiences. I think I’m ready to stay home for a couple weekends though. And watch an orchestra. that violin really got me itching for some music I can enjoy without a language barrier. Also, I really want a ukulele.

“The world’s most famous and popular language is music.” – Psy



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