Jämsä Round Two!

Hello friends! Today was an adventure, and actually comes in two parts! First, MOOSE MANOR (!!!) and second, meeting a local who has spent time at my home university. Part One When I first arrived in Finland, there was only a couple things I wanted to do. One of them was to visit this really … Continue reading Jämsä Round Two!

#SDG4 – Global Education

SDG: Sustainable Development Goals. Have you heard about them? Until this month, I thought I never had. It turns out that John and Hank Green (my favorite author and his brother) had made youtube videos about them back when the Millennium Development Goals reached their 2015 benchmark. The videos are right after this sentence! Millennium … Continue reading #SDG4 – Global Education

Midpoint Reflection – Some Lists

WHOLEY PICKLE STICKS I HAVE BEEN IN FINLAND OFFICIALLY HALF THE AMOUNT OF TIME I WILL BE IN FINLAND! (Actually, that's not true, I still have three days until then, but I'm writing about it now because I am impatient.) There are a few things to mark this momentous occasion: On this day in history, … Continue reading Midpoint Reflection – Some Lists

Weekend Adventuring

Finally made it out of Jyväskylä! I love, love, love my little city in keski-suomi (Central Finland) but after spending a month in the same place, it was time to do a little exploring. So I went on a trip with a couple girl friends to Lahti for a Finnish Folk Metal concert. While we were … Continue reading Weekend Adventuring

America through their eyes

I've had a very American couple days. Last night, I spent the evening with the other American exchange students (there's six of us) playing games and eating popcorn. Tonight, I went with some lovelies to the Classic American Diner which was just as overwhelming and wonderful as it sounds, ha! Evening activities here tend to focus … Continue reading America through their eyes

PSA: American Education Doesn’t Suck

Background: When I started this whole business about moving to Finland for a semester, it was about figuring out what Finns are up to that makes their schools so darn successful. Why does a system full of free time and decidedly lacking in rigor (by means of exams anyways) work so well? Well, obviously, I … Continue reading PSA: American Education Doesn’t Suck

Sometimes there are hard days

Today, I have a sad story to tell. Being away from home is really hard. And in this world where information travels faster than people can even figure out the truth, it's even harder than it would have been if I made this journey 30 years ago. Since I left, I have loved being here. … Continue reading Sometimes there are hard days