Time Travel

So. I am in Finland! It feels like Kansas October and the sky is beautifully blue and the countryside reminds me of home. I can’t believe I’m here. It’s been such an emotional weekend. Exactly 25 hours ago I was waking up to load the truck and head to the airport. And now I’m just two and a half hours from stepping foot in my new home for the semester. I’m still amazed that this is real.


By the way, the 25 hours thing is based on I woke up at 8am in Kansas and in Kansas right now it is 9am. However, all the clocks here say its 5pm (well… 1700.) so…. that means its been 33 hours. I thought they said time travel was science fiction??! Lies. I am doing it.


Travel alone someday okay? Nothing can make you more confident than successfully navigating through all the transits. But maybe I don’t recommend the first time you go on such an adventure you pick a place to go where your only language is not the native language. I am so thankful the EU is full of people who put up with speaking English. I would have not made it to this train without nice people answering my questions. And helping me lift my super heavy luggage bags into the racks on the train. Kiitos, nice Finns!

Ps, the thing that kept me from losin’ it when I finally sat down on this train and breathed deeply was this:


Thank you kind stranger I’ve never laid eyes on who made me smile and laugh instead of cry when all the tension from this journey was released as I sat down. You’re my hero.

So as I sign off this small update, instead of a quote or a bible verse, I’ll leave you with a line from the first song spotify blessed me with when I hit play on the train:

“The odds are that we will probably be alright / Odds are we’re gonna be alright, odds are we’re gonna be alright tonight”

2 thoughts on “Time Travel

  1. Love this post, especially the part where you encourage people to travel alone sometime. Everyone needs that. Get out of your bubble and go see the world. Glad you are having fun. Your mummy is very proud. She lights up when she talks about you.

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