To be a Finn for a Day

Tonight, I spent a few hours meeting a Finnish family and I am so thankful for the opportunity the school has provided for both of us. I am so excited to continue to get to know this family made up of young parents with three daughters. We share so many interests and it seems that … Continue reading To be a Finn for a Day


I think tonight, I will finally sleep like I belong here. Today is my second full day in the city and I am beginning to walk with confidence. To be comfortable in a place where the words don't make sense. To find people I can connect with. To understand that American coffee is for suckers. … Continue reading Onnellinen

Time Travel

So. I am in Finland! It feels like Kansas October and the sky is beautifully blue and the countryside reminds me of home. I can't believe I'm here. It's been such an emotional weekend. Exactly 25 hours ago I was waking up to load the truck and head to the airport. And now I'm just … Continue reading Time Travel

6 Days to go – My last week in Kansas

Oh my goodness it's so close I can taste it. There's so many emotions. So much to do. Sadness: The hardest thing about leaving the country to go on an adventure is leaving behind the things that mean the most to you - the people. I am leaving behind my family, my friends, my boyfriend, … Continue reading 6 Days to go – My last week in Kansas


Sooooooo this happened a long time ago, but yeah. July was a crazy month okay? I went to New England for the week of Independence Day, I worked a week of camp, then I spent a week in Disney Springs, Florida for KKPsiTBS NatCon 2017, then I had my last week of camp. And then … Continue reading I’M A FINNISH RESIDENT!

And so completes Camp Chippewa Week 9, 2017

Summer camp is over. Gah, it's been a ride! This summer has been so special. From sleeping out under the stars, to creating the perfect chaco tan, to building up a bracelet collection of 35 (!!!). From the first week when everyone was timid and unsure we knew what we were doing, all the way … Continue reading And so completes Camp Chippewa Week 9, 2017