And Now We Wait.

So. At 5pm CST yesterday I started hitting refresh on my laptop every few minutes. All of that work was futile however because the system wasn't ready for me. I emailed the OIE at JYU and at 7am EET (12pm CST) they told me that they were looking into it and it should be ready … Continue reading And Now We Wait.

A Little Look into the Future

Tomorrow is the day! I apply to the University of Jyvaskyla at 5pm tomorrow. Wow, I have spent so much time preparing for this and tomorrow I actually send in the application. I have to admit I am equal parts nervous and excited. I have no idea what I'm getting myself into, but I also … Continue reading A Little Look into the Future

Silver Linings

I'll admit, in our social network world, people like to make their lives seem perfect. Blogs are full of perfect moms and perfect cooks and perfect travelers, Instagram isĀ full of perfectly shaped, perfectly put together adventurers and trendsetters, YouTubers share videos of their world in all of its perfect excitement. But that's just not the … Continue reading Silver Linings