Planning, Planning, Planning

I like having a plan.

I have Apple products specifically for the Apple Calendar app that is on my phone and laptop at all times, anywhere. It has dates on it all the way until this summer. Every meeting, every due date, every everything. I also have a month long calendar in my dorm room that lists *only* non-regular meetings and due dates for assignments for the month. Next to it is a weekly calendar (a Pinterest DIY win!) that lists everything on my Apple Calendar for the week. I like knowing what’s up.

So when I found out this week that I had more to do in preparation for this study abroad trip than I had originally anticipated, I might have lost my marbles.

But today the weather was beautiful! and I had a meeting with the study abroad people to get questions answered. I spent an hour on the phone with my momma, and I got some super great news from my dad. I caught up on my homework and my assignments for my newspaper job. Today was completely opposite of yesterday and the relief was well received!

In case you are looking into studying abroad here’s a couple things they don’t tell you.

The due date for your study abroad application is too late.

You will want to get it turned in early. The application you send to your school only means that you have permission to apply to another school. The due date for the application to your school abroad will be a similar date, and many scholarships will require proof of your study abroad trip. Those scholarships might be due before the study abroad application. Get that first step taken care of early.

Your school needs to nominate you to the school abroad.

Make sure you ASK your home university to send a nomination to your school abroad. The school abroad needs the nomination before they will process your application. Ask your school to send it out as soon as you apply to your school abroad. Your home university may not do it until its too late without you asking.

Traveling to another country isn’t as simple as getting a passport.

If your study abroad trip is longer than 30 days, you will likely need a travel visa or residence permit. These applications are long, require a ton of proof that you are a student, are financially stable, and have a purpose for traveling. Also, getting these visas require you to go to your destination’s embassy before you leave. In my case, this means I have to make a trip to New York City. Don’t let this step sneak up on you!

Do you have health insurance?

If you do, make sure you will be covered internationally. This can’t be stressed enough. If you get hurt or sick while abroad you will need insurance. In some cases, you need proof of insurance before your visa can even be approved. Don’t let this one slip through the cracks.


I am in the middle of making all of these discoveries and oh boy it takes so much more planning than I had anticipated when I first decided to go. But now I’m doing it. And I can’t wait! But a lot of this stuff just takes waiting. I can’t do it all at once like I want to and it’s driving me crazy! That’s why I like having my roommate next to me reminding me it’s okay to not think about it for a few moments so I can just breath. Thanks roomie!!

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” – John Lennon

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