Today was a day to recharge. I only had once class today. It was a test day so the class was short. So I spent most of today napping. It felt pretty good to just reset. Tonight I had a bible study back home. It was the last night of a four part study about … Continue reading Recharging


Today I adulted. It was a good time. In case you're curious, the term "adult (v.)" was added to the Merrium-Webster dictionary this month. Here's the link. Anyways. Today I put my signature on important documents, I learned important decision making skills about what to do when you're offered a job that conflicts with other jobs, … Continue reading Adulting

Planning, Planning, Planning

I like having a plan. I have Apple products specifically for the Apple Calendar app that is on my phone and laptop at all times, anywhere. It has dates on it all the way until this summer. Every meeting, every due date, every everything. I also have a month long calendar in my dorm room … Continue reading Planning, Planning, Planning

Too Many Tabs!!

Right now, there are nine tabs open in my internet browser. NINE tabs. They say that the way you keep your environment is directly correlating to what's going on in your head. You have a messy desk? You probably have a lot going in your head. You've lost control of the neatness of your bedroom … Continue reading Too Many Tabs!!